The Game Realm!

Welcome to The Game Realm!

We love playing games, especially Multiplayer games! Our #1 goal here at The Game Realm is to provide some fun and exciting multiplayer games of all different kinds!

We are developing or plan on developing all different kinds of multiplayer games here. These will include card games, board games, classic games, action games, role playing games and eventually real time strategy games!

What?! You don’t like to play with other people? Your a recluse and other players make you nervous?! Have no fear! We will also offer single player modes in most of our games!

And of course, one of the most exciting features of The Game Realm is keeping statistics on everyone! How many wins and losses, how many games a person has played with future plans for Badges and Achievements!

We recently decided to move away from browser based games due to the limitations imposed on multiplayer browser games. We are now focusing on providing cross platform multiplayer games that can be played on mobile devices and the PC! To read more about this decision, read the blog post here

So what are you waiting for? Go play some games!!

Thank you for checking us out!