Multiplayer Browser Games and the Big Deal!

Hello All!
I just wanted to write up a quick update on my progress with the website and creating multiplayer browser games. I’ve been hard at it for months and during that time I have looked into every possible scenario when it comes to creating and publishing browser based games that can be played in a multiplayer environment. After spending all this time writing prototypes, examples and test projects, I have finally decided to move away from it. The biggest reason is due to the very high maintenance of these kinds of projects. The fact that you really have to have a dedicated server to handle the games, data and information. With all the available options out there for this kind of structure, it can get pretty heavy really quick.

One of the biggest setups for this kind of system is the Node.js. In order to incorporate this system along with using wordpress, it quickly become pretty bloated. That was even before I included 1 line of game code! I wrote a log in server and a chat system that were pretty functional, but in the end I just didn’t like it. At all. This was after a few months of trial and error with it. Eventually I decided to move away from the whole Multiplayer browser based game idea and focus on pure stand alone Multiplayer Games.

I will be using Unity of course and I still plan on creating the type of games I have listed on the home page. I pretty much just finished up with my core networking code that will pretty much be used as a template for all my games. Of course, over time this will change as new features get added to the core base code or things change.

The first game I will be completing here shortly will be Tic Tac Toe. Its a basic game that doesn’t require too much game code and an easy to implement way of testing out the network code. As soon as I get done with the game, I will post it in the games section.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feed back, please let loose in the comments section below!

Thank you!