TGR Tic Tac Toe

This is my first multi player capable game made for The Game Realm. I used Tic Tac Toe as the base game since its a very simple 2 player game. While developing the actual game, I had to also constantly think about network code and how to implement multiplayer features. It actually took me a total of 6 months to get the game finished from scratch. This process involved researching a good networking architecture, learning a few different systems, choosing the right path/ tools and finally coding the game. I also had to develop the relay server which I chose to use over player to player networking due to router issues. It definitely was a long journey but a very exciting one and hopefully something that will make developing my next multi player game that much easier.

TGR Tic Tac Toe focuses on a few key features...

  • Play the game totally single player without logging in, you versus the computer. Your statistics won't be saved.
  • Play the game multiplayer against either a non registered player or against a registered player without logging in. Your statistics won't be saved.
  • Register in the game for an account at, then either play a single player game or a multi player game and your statistics will be saved.
  • View your statistics in game (if your stats are good enough) or view your stats on the web site at Player Stats.

TGR Tic Tac Toe Android
Download the android apk to your android phone.
TGR Tic Tac Toe PC
Click the link to download, unzip the file using 7-zip or other compression utility and then run the .exe to play.

Version History...

  • Version 05/10/20 - Updated the network system to Mirror
  • Version 03/28/20 - Updated the network system to LiteNetLib, changed login system, all you need is a username, password, email to upload stats
  • Version 7: 10/29/18 - First released version